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Meet The Team


Lilypad Pre-school are pleased to have high quality staff with a range of experiences who are dedicated to helping and supporting children. When your child joins Lilypad Pre-School a member of staff will become their Key Worker who is responsible for their care, learning and development during their time at the Pre-School.

Who's Who

Mrs Dawn Beardmore

Supervisor (Level 4)

Mrs Linda Bradbeer   

Deputy Supervisor (Level 3)  

Deputy at the School

Miss Cheryl Dawkins-Perry

Pre-school Practitioner (Level 3)

Deputy, Hoe Road

Mrs Karen Ayres

Speech and Language Coordinator

Advance Practitioner (Level 4)


Miss Molly McCarthy

Pre-school Practitioner (Level 3)

Miss Isobel Morrison

Pre-school Practitioner (Level 3)


Miss Natasha Cuthbert

Level 2


Mrs Emma Bryant

Pre-School Practitioner (Level 2) 

Mrs Roseanna Van Zyl

Pre-school Practitioner



Miss Emily Stubbington

Pre-School Practitioner (Level 3)


Miss Emma J Deeley

Pre-School SENCO (Level 5)


Lilypad Pre-School Committee 

Did you know that without the committee the Pre-school couldn't open? As a registered charity Lilypad Pre-school is managed by a committee of parent/carer volunteers. Most people don't realise how important the committee is and how vital it is for the pre-school to be supported by the parents. We hold regular meetings and being on the committee gives all parents not only an insight but a say in how the pre-school is run. The committee also work with the staff to organise great fundraising and social events to raise money to pay for new toys and days out for the children. During October/November we hold an Annual General Meeting when new committee members are elected. 

Our current committee members are: 
Chairperson -  Kayleigh Johnson
Secretary –     Melissa Bryant
Treasurer –     Janet Lacey

Other members –  Lorraine Cutler, Kelly Guy, Jade Page, Charlie Tibbetts.


Friends of Lilypad – Melanie Pyniger, Becky Barber, Abi Moore, Charlotte Emery and Georgina Sillence.

All, that is needed is a little time to give to the pre-school and you can volunteer for whatever role suits you best. It can be a fantastic way to use skills you already have on your CV or even develop new ones. Being on the committee is a great way to help create the best possible pre-school setting for your child. It's also fantastic for getting to know the staff and other parents better. If you don't feel you have enough spare time to be on the committee but still want to help out, feel free to speak to one of the current committee members or the staff to put your name forward for helping at our fabulous fund-raising events.


Click here to download the Committee Details